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If you’re here for my CG art portfolio, please visit http://www.katietender.com

A breakdown of my thesis film production pipeline, which used realtime technology and standard CG art tools:

Rigging considerations for Unity/realtime:

Motionbuilder voice device lip sync tutorial:

Hi! My name is Katie Tender, and I love CG art.

I make a lot of 3D animation. I specialize in character animation and rigging, but in the past year and a half, I’ve become increasingly interested in figuring out alternative workflows or ways of using industry-standard software in unexpected ways to make projects that would otherwise be out of scope. From a technical perspective, most of my projects seek to find ways to speed up the model – texture – rig – layout – animate – render – composite pipeline. This is how I got into motion capture — it seemed like a faster alternative to character animation (which it is, once you know how to do it, but has its own trade offs…). Anyway, in the past, I’ve developed a workflow around animating with flat planes, and currently, and integrated Unity into a film workflow for effects and rendering. Right now, I’m working on a side project using Blender’s compositor to approximate the “Corporate Memphis” art style.

You can look at my portfolio at www.katietender.com.

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